Service items

  • Shanghai - green city together

    The project is located in Jinshan Wei Long Hao Road, the project Bingzhuo lifestyle leading commercial ...
  • Shanghai - Sifang Branch Center

    Sifang Branch (investment) - Shanghai Caoan Road, No. 2883 ...
  • St. Di Square

    Haoye St. Di Plaza, developed by Weihai Haoyu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., covers a total area of 15,209 square meters and a building area of 72,415 square meters. It consists of two towers 19 and 22 of the same height and four large commercial Podium composition ...
  • Brilliance - Southern International Shopping Center

    Shanghai Southern International Shopping Mall "is the core project of 20 modern service industry concentration areas in Shanghai," South Bridge SME headquarters business district. "The project is located in the northwest corner of the headquarters business district, with a regional iconic image ...

Business presentation

  • 01.Early project strategy

    Study on the level of market consumption
    Project location analysis
    Project investment and management strategy
    Project investment analysis

  • 02.Opening preparation

    Project investment
    Market promotion
    Engineering coordination and consultant
    Sale of commercial property

  • 03.Project optimization

    Project value mining
    Internal and external traffic combing
    Shop planning and spatial highlight analysis
    Optimization of property engineering conditions

  • 04.Value-added operations

    Property management technology output
    Business operation management
    Planning for promotion and promotion
    Project financing, etc.

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