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  As China's commercial real estate market continues to 4.jpg

innovate, the market experiences running After the extensive 

development of Ma enclosure, the fine operation of assets 

management has become Key to success or failure of project 

core value. For Yi Hong, every business item We have made 

great efforts, and we have accumulated a lot of successful 

experiences Coming, thanks to the joint efforts of Yi Hong

people, and it is also of vital importance We are always 

innovating and challenging our goals. Yi Hong will rely on 

Borrow rich experience in the past, combined with their own 

advantages, break through traditional thinking, in Commercial 

real estate field creates new brilliance! Adhere to the people-

oriented, honest and responsible,Yi Hong will strive to become a trustworthy and top enterprise, but alsoTo 

build a broad occupation stage for all employees, let everyone realize real talent.

Dream now.

Chairman Lin Kanghai 

Address: Caoan Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, 2688, 5th Floor Tel: 021 -59,133,555 E-mail:

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