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Yi Hong vision:

  efforts to become China's commercial real estate integrated services leader

As a professional commercial real estate operating agency, Yi Hong aims to provide high quality and professional integrated commercial value-added services for China's commercial real estate market.

Yi Hong mission:

  focus on commercial real estate, creating new space value

Yi Hong to focus on commercial real estate attitude and professional and comprehensive asset value-added services, to build a professional force to witness the success of the project, and create a win-win situation with customers.

Core values: people-oriented, good faith, responsible, excellent innovation

people oriented

  Regard employees as the enterprise's wealth, respect for individuals, treasure each employee's contribution, and create a broad career development platform for employees.

Integrity is responsible

  Integrity - casting integrity quality, integrity culture management and persist, the.

Responsible for meeting customer needs, quality services as the "victory" device, beyond customer expectations, to bring customers superior returns.

Excellent innovation

  Excellence - for all the work we do, we strive to the utmost, from excellence to excellence, to shape a professional team.

Innovation - bold innovation, enhance competitive advantages, ensure the realization of the strategic vision of the enterprise, and provide customers with innovative ideas and solutions.

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