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Shanghai City Harvest 2 billion 200 million ancient American office block coded layout of commercial real estate

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  In August 2nd, the Shanghai city (related to 2 billion 220 million yuan harvest dry cargo) North Minhang District Gumei community S110502 unit 117K-02 commercial office block, the land transfer area of 34049.90 square meters, the volume rate of 2.54, a total construction area of 86 thousand square meters, the floor price of 25715 yuan / square meters, the premium rate of 32%. Planning for business, restaurant and hotel industry.

  It is understood that the land is located in the ancient North American community of Minhang. The intersection of Gu Dai Road and Wanyuan road is only about 100 meters away from line 12, Gu Dai Road station. There are many high-end high-end residential quarters and schools and hospitals, and the business resources are scarce.

  According to the requirements, the plots require the establishment of shopping centers, department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, life service outlets, public catering, leisure culture entertainment, hotels and so on. Among them, the hotel property accounts for 40%-50% of commercial property, and the construction area of office property is no less than 60%, and it is no less than 20 years. Commercial property (including hotels) is no less than 80%.

  Shanghai city open official network shows that Shanghai city opens a subsidiary subsidiary of the city of Shanghai. The real city opened to win business network combing the data found that the real city opened since 2011 in the field of commercial real estate, has won the Shanghai City Center (near lianhualu station), Xhenzhuang MTR Station comprehensive development project, the Xuhui Binjiang block and Hongqiao Development Zone Shanghai WTO mall project. In the past two years, there are few commercial plots.

  Among them, the Shanghai city center project has been sold in 2016 to G estate, the total construction area of about 388 thousand and 100 square meters, composed of office buildings, commercial property and hotel mixed use property;

  Xhenzhuang MTR station project by the real city, Sun Hung Kai and the government together with the development of TODTOWN, officially named Alice, the total construction area of 700 thousand square meters, covering 50 thousand square meters of office buildings, 160 thousand square meters, 20 thousand square meters of commercial hotel, 90 thousand square meters of residential, 85 thousand square meters, 100 thousand Hope Land Executive Serviced Apartment square meters of traffic facilities and 200 thousand square meters of underground space. It was officially started in June 26, 2014 and is expected to be completed in 2022.

  The Binjiang city centre will be built into a large city complex with a total volume of about 500 thousand square meters, covering many industries, such as office, commerce, culture and leisure.

  This time to take the Minhang District commercial block, it is the performance of the commercial real estate again.

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